Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Low GI Diet Gluten Free For Super Health And Weight Loss

Anyone who has attempted to lose weight with a weight loss diet knows how easy it is to regain all the weight you have struggled, for perhaps months, to lose. Weight loss is brought about by calorie restriction which results in a feeling of hunger all the time. This is very hard to control over a longer period of time, and sooner or later we start to eat more, and in quite a short time put all the pounds back on. The other factor which comes into play is that weight loss results in our metabolism slowing down so we need fewer calories, which means even less food is required.

An important recent discovery is that people who lost weight while on a low GI diet diet were able to keep the their weight down much longer than others who lost weight on a low-fat diet. Low-glycemic foods are composed of carbohydrates that are absorbed relatively slowly by the body. High-glycemic carbohydrates are foods which are rapidly absorbed  by the body and pass quickly into the blood stream. This can lead to big fluctuations in blood sugar and insulin levels. Foods in the high-glycemic category include such items as pasta, potatoes, cane sugar, white bread and white rice.

When  a sample of overweight people was divided into a group who were given a low-glycemic diet, and a second group who were put on a low-fat diet, the results were interesting. People in both groups stayed on their respective diets until they had a weight loss equal to 10% of their body weight or more.  It was found that the low-glycemic diet group had less hunger than the low-fat diet group. The low-GI group had less of a  slowdown in their metabolism than that experienced by the low-fat group. As a result of this they were able keep their weight down more easily than in  the case of the low-fat group. Further benefits shown by the low GI group of people were a bigger reduction in insulin resistance, triglyceride levels, and blood pressure than that shown by the low-fat group.

The benefits shown with the low GI diet were a result of the avoidance of spikes in blood glucose and of the accompanying higher blood insulin levels. By comparison low fat diets usually include high-glycemic carbohydrates, which result in spiking insulin levels, followed by a sharp drop which causes hunger. High insulin prevents metabolization of fat stored in the body. When hungry these people do not burn that stored energy, and the result is that they consume more food to produce energy. A low-glycemic diet alleviates this series of eat then get hungrier episodes.

The fact is nevertheless that losing weight is still simply a matter of cutting back the calories consumed and stepping up the calories which are burnt up. As we can see however the kind of calories that you eat while losing weight can make a big  difference.

If you really want a permanent low GI gluten free diet which will make you super healthy, lose excess weight and which you will have no trouble sticking with just take a look at these super  Low GI diet recipes.

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